This page contains information to help you put together your reply to Greenwood's Notice of Objection Response letter. We need EVERYONE who originally objected to participate again and get your letters to us by Mar 2nd.

We have created two template letters which have the address and subject info already inserted. You can use either one based on your preference. You can download them using these links.

Template 1
Template 2

Here is a link to a document which explains how to use the templates.

Letter Guidelines

To help with reasons for continuing to object, The Town Peer Reviews and Agency Comments are available
on the Town website HERE

We ask that your letters be submitted through Protect Mono to ensure they are inventoried and sign-off is received from both Greenwood and MNRF. There are 2 main ways to get your letter to us:

1. You can drop off two signed copies in one of the following board member's mailboxes at
             835505 4th Line EHS (1 km south of 30th Sideroad)
             795565 3rd Line EHS (1 km south of 30th Sideroad)
                 (Please leave in mailbox. Don't knock on the door as both Leeanne and Richard run their businesses
                  from home and we don't want to interrupt their work.)
2. If you are not local, you can mail (Xpresspost) your two signed copies to

Protect Mono Inc.

PO Box 1221

Shelburne, ON

L9V 3M2

If you have challenges in dropping off or mailing, we have a limited ability to pick up. Please let us know by Feb 25th at if you fall in this category.

If none of the above work or you are out of the country, Please email and we'll discuss other options.

Keep in mind we must receive your letters by Mar 2nd., If mailing from Toronto, we recommend sending no later than Feb 25 (Xpresspost no later than Feb 27th).